File Storage
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Are you wasting valuable office space with old files?

Purpose built, individual private units, shelved to suit the standard size banker's box. Each unit has it's own lock and key, for you to keep.

At the Donnelly Centre you have free access to your documents at all times during opening hours  6 days a week;
most of our competitors restrict access to your own property and add on additional costs such as viewing charges.

Cost control is a priority
You may opt to retrieve your own files, ask us to retrieve your files or a combination of both.

Delivery And Collection Service available if requested

You may request us to have access to your unit and remove Boxfiles for delivery to your office. This can be arranged provided the boxes are good and clearly numbered. One of our trained staff will go into your unit, consult your Boxfile location map, locate, sign out and remove the appropriate Boxfiles, deliver them to our security dispatch area and sign them into security Boxfile dispatch book. Upon the arrival of the designated courier our security office and the courier signs out the Boxfiles. The Boxfiles are then delivered to your office and signed in by a member of your staff. A designated in/out book is recommended for this purpose.

Other Services

Collection. Archiving. Retrieval, Shredding, Boxes and Packaging.

Competitive Rates & Free Car parking